A Beginner’s Guide To The Casino Floor



Your first time at a casino can feel a little overwhelming. Money is flowing freely across the tables and strange languages and codes are being spoken. There is a strict etiquette involved in most casinos and it’s important to stick to it. Even after you’ve observed the etiquette and codes, it’s difficult to know where to start. In this post, we’ll show you the basic secrets behind each game in the casino. Head for the one that you feel most comfortable with first.

Poker – Poker is a popular choice and you may have played at home with friends already. Before you hit the table, make sure you know what style of poker is being played. In most casinos it is the simple Texas Hold ‘Em style, but always check before you jump in. Many casinos will offer an introductory poker evening for new guests. It’s often worth learning the casino’s etiquette here first.

Baccarat – The rules of baccarat aren’t too different from the rules of poker. They both start with a deck of cards and you play against the dealer, much like poker. After placing your bet, the dealer deals two sets of two card hands. One for you, one for the dealer. Quite simply, the totals are added up from each hand and the highest wins.

Roulette – Roulette is the casino game that everyone is familiar with. The big wheel spins and the ball lands on one specific number. There are many ways to bet on this. There’s the simple black or red bet which has 50/50 odds. Then there’s spread betting across a variety of numbers. Finally you can choose between the low, high and middle thirds of the wheel.

Blackjack – This is perhaps the most popular game of all in the casino. Blackjack, or 21, is a game you’ll all be familiar with. You play against the dealer and the trick is to get your hand total as close as possible to 21. You’ll start with just two cards and keep dealing until you hit 21 or decide to stop. If you equal or beat the dealer, you win.

Craps – Craps is the dominant dice game in the casino. It’s fast, furious and difficult to keep up with for beginners. The trick here is to learn the different bets and, most importantly, learn the table layout. There are a number of different lines including the Pass Line, the Don’t Pass Line, the Field Line and the Come Line.

Slots – The slot machines are low cost, low risk games that provide hours of fun. If you’re new to the casino, we suggest you start here. Try a few dollars and get a sense of how the gambling concept works in the casino. There are plenty of chances to win big on these machines too. More than a fair share of people have gone home with thousands!

We hope that has shone some light on the confusing world of the casino! If you’re a beginner, remember to take it slow. Observe the games before you jump in and never spend more than you can bear to lose. Good luck!