Hello and welcome to Slotguard.com!

First thing first guys – this is my personal blog and I apologize in advance if I don’t write exclusively about gambling – there is more to life than going all in (so I’m told) so should I be fortunate enough to be asked out on a date that well make it onto the front page!

First and foremost I’m a single father one beautiful little boy (now 5) who thankfully has no idea of pappas online gambling habit.  We live about a chippy on a side road in South London (the smell isn’t that bad) and we are a very happy twosome.

chippy home

When not betting online we can be found at the Zoo (Danny loves Lions) at the Natural History Museum (Danny loves Dinosaurs) or at Grandma Rebecca’s (Danny and Tony love trifle!)

That being said I’ll be mostly blogging about:

  • Online Gambling (Especially slots – hence Slotguard.com)
  • Online Bingo (Because I’m THAT guy)
  • Offline Poker – as I can’t win online at all
  • Any and all kinds of sports betting

Above everything though – what I’m most interested in is WINNING.  This is why I devote a lot of the blog to my pursuits of strategies that reduce the house edge as much as possible.  In some rare cases I have blogged about how to play the bookies off against one and other (known as matched betting and arbing) – though that is becoming more difficult as time passes.

Winning is all that matters at the end of the day... WINNING!

Winning is all that matters at the end of the day… WINNING!

All in all though I’m here to post rather self indulgently about my wins and my all to frequent losses.

As I write this it’s October 2014, and I’m currently a whopping £754 up over the year, representing a 1.6% return on investment.  Whilst this might not seem spectacular, when compared to a DREADFUL 2013 where I finished £2014 own it’s an exceptional result.  If you’re thinking to yourself “what sort of person can provide a rate of return for a year of recreational sports betting” – then you might need t know:

  1. I’m an Accountant, it’s what I do all day, and I can’t stop hording the figures at night time too.
  2. I developed a deposit and bet tracker called Ultimatcher that I use to record all the bookie deposits and withdrawals (review coming very soon!)

me in casino

Well – I think I’ve covered just about everything now!  If you’ve got any questions or you want my advice on what or where to bet then of course I’d be delighted to hear from you – just drop me an email via my contact form here and I’ll get back to you within a few days (but probably hours as I’m just sat at my PC!)

Thanks for reading and may the luck be on your side!

Winning is all that matters at the end of the day... WINNING!