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Why You’re Likely to Win More Betting Online

Greater odds live online It’s true – greater betting/winning odds do indeed live online because the betting/jackpot pool is always adjusted to the size of the crowd betting on that specific game. Also, there is so much competition amongst online casinos that one of the many differentiating

A Structured Approach to Using Your Gambling Kitty

Every responsible gambler has a gambling kitty — a stash of cash which they essentially set aside for their gaming exploits and that stash could be funded in any number of different ways really. You perhaps set aside a fixed amount of money from your weekly or

Why BitCoin is great for gamblers

We live in a digital age, where many goods and services are simply long strings of computer coding rather than something tangible we can hold and interact with. And adapting to that evolution is why BitCoin has taken off as the leading cryptocurrency.

Microgaming’s Bridesmaids: Colorful, Action-packed and Fun

Bridesmaids was a movie with a considerable success. Not a blockbuster, mind you, but a great comedy with lots of hilarious moments. Bridesmaids was praised by its critics, praising the realistic characters and the inventive cross between the Chick Flick with the Raunch Comedy. This brought it

The Revamp of Bingo

Bingo is a pastime. At some point, bingo was THE pastime. We all need our pastimes in order to be happy, stay young and remain pleasant throughout the day. However, playing bingo in the past was just such a hassle, and would sometimes just not be worth

Most Popular Online Slot Games For USA Players

Even though “times are a-changin’”, and gambling games came and went with them, there are some games and machines that withstood the relentless tooth of time and are still available to play today. Some have adapted to the new digital surroundings, but have managed to keep the

The Benefits of Bitcoins for Online Gaming

The Online world has continuously evolved where other entities have remained stagnant. Not only has it become a means of information, but also communication and transactions that were before only possible with face to face interaction- you can now do anything online. For those who enjoy the

How I Won $385 in 15 Minutes!

Gambling is one of those hobbies where you can earn some money on the side, however, going to a casino every night is hardly considered practical, considering the extra money having to be spent aside from what is required to place bets.

Tony’s Betting Diary – June 2014

Probably the quietest sporting period of the year since the premier league season ended so I focused a lot of attention this month onto casinos. I signed up to quite a few and am at the stage now where I get emailed some juicy reloads most days

Tony’s Betting Diary – May 2014

May Returns Betting188bet – Champs league offer = £1232red – Champs league final (lay left IR not matched) = -£50Netbet – Champs league final = -£2Betfair – Champs league final offer = £13Coral – Champs league final & few price boosts = £10Jenningsbet – Champs league final offer = -£4Smarkets –