Five Good Luck Charms Used At Gambling Tables

Gambling is an activity which largely relies on the power of luck and sometimes probability. Quite often gambling players look to superstition in an attempt to help themselves win. For example at blackjack tables, roulette tables and poker tables, players will bring along an item that has personal significance to them and sit at the table with it. In their eyes, this item will bring them luck during the game.

Now it is self-evident that all of this is pure hogwash. Whether a player is playing at a live casino or an online casino it makes no difference.

Humans are superstitious by their very nature and they will continue to be so for one simple reason. This is because we place non-existent meanings to events and to objects that have no meaning mainly based on pure coincidence. Down the years there have been many good luck charms used at gaming tables and we name five of them right here within this article.

The Bible

It is highly unlikely that the Good Lord would recommend that any of his subjects undertook a life of gambling. However this hasn’t prevented numerous people from taking a bible with them when they go onto the gaming tables. Some people feel that their “connection” with the almighty affords them special privileges and that they stand a bigger than average chance of winning. Needless to say that these people fair no better than anyone else.

Lucky Clothing

Wearing the same clothes is something that many gamblers do. If a gambler was successful while wearing a certain suit or tie or dress then you would be amazed at just how many of them look to repeat this the next time they take to the gaming tables.

Using a Rabbit’s Foot

Let’s not forget the good old classic of using a “rabbit’s foot”. Yes that’s right. This old good luck charm which has been used by thousands of people down the years just appears to keep giving and giving. A rabbit’s foot may or may not lead to riches but one thing is certain, things didn’t work out too well for the poor rabbit did it?

A Lucky Orange

Fruit has often been used to bring good luck to gamblers. One of the most common fruits that has been used down the years is a lucky orange. The pure “power” of the orange has never been understood but I am sure that psychologists may be able to explain why many of us afford it so much significance.

The Lucky Chip

If you happen to have won at a live casino then you will at some stage need to cash out your gaming chips. Many people down the years have kept back a single chip of a certain denomination for future good luck. Some have even turned the chip into a key ring charm by drilling a hole through it. Whatever the method, lucky chips have long been used to bring more future good luck with many gamblers.

So the final question is do they actually work? Well that all depends on how you define the word “work”? Clearly no lucky charm has the power to alter the house odds. However if we look at this from another angle then it appears that they can actually have some effect.

If the presence of the so called “lucky charm” leads to you actually going to the casino then you clearly have a chance of winning when compared to if you had never bothered to go at all.

It’s a simple case of “being in it to win it”. Some people only play at casinos because of a lucky charm. So they feel empowered by this object and by sheer definition, some of them win. The bottom line is that if something has caused you to be present inside a casino and you happen to win whilst there, can the object be totally useless? 

Author bio

Carl Sampson is a full time professional poker player and coach. He has mixed widely in the world of gambling and is also an ex-Croupier and professional card counter.