Five Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on Sports

In the history of sports, there have been mistakes that have been made historic. Decisions made by players that cost their team the game. Jim Marshall recovering a fumble and running the wrong direction for his own end zone where the ball was recovered for a touchdown for San Francisco. Andres Escobar scoring an own goal during the 1994 World Cup that cost his team an opportunity to advance, and eventually led to the end of his life.

These kinds of things happen. We see mistakes made in every facet of society. Mistakes are made by government officials. Mistakes are made in the media. Mistakes are made by your parents. Everybody falls short at times.

Mistakes You Can Avoid

However, there are some instances where you can avoid making a big mistake. Truly, there are times in your life where you should have known better. It does not matter what the particular circumstance may have been. You had the wisdom and knowledge to know that you should not have made that decision.

In the sports betting world, there are times when people make wagers where they should have known better. You go to or other similar sites looking to place a wager knowing that the decision you are making is not a wise one. 

If you have made dumb mistakes at times, do not feel bad. Everyone seems to do this. In fact, here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when placing bets on sporting events.

Betting with Your Heart

Have you ever fallen for a person who was definitely wrong for you? You knew they were wrong for you. You knew they would destroy your life or make it miserable. Yet, you simply could not avoid it. You rode with your heart and not your mind.

A very common mistake for gamblers as well. They love their team, love a certain player, or hate a certain team or player. So, they will bet to the hilt in a contest like that. Don’t do it. You’ll regret it.

Being Too Loyal

You may love the current sportsbook you are using, and only like to use them. That is great if you have the utmost confidence in the odds and lines that they provide. However, there are opportunities for you to earn more money out there. No one says you have to always use the same site to place wagers. In fact, it is a good idea to shop around.

The truth is that you may find a site that is offering a much better line where your ability to win money is much better. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? Seriously, why?

Always Going with the Favorites or Odds

How often are oddsmakers and handicappers wrong? Plenty of times. If they were always right, everyone would go with their predictions. Just because a team is a favorite does not mean they are going to win. Just because a player is favored to win a match does not mean that he is going to pull off the victory.

The same is true with the totals. If the odds say that the game is going over, that does not mean that it is automatic. Make sure that you do not find yourself caught up in going with the odds or the favorites all the time. If you need additional information to make a rational decision, consider looking for a sportsbook where you can learn about the odds and lines for the current games.

You will see that some bookies might also employ bookie software that could prove beneficial for clients as well, for tracking sports progress and getting detailed analysis of all winning probabilities. No matter what, know that winning is always going to be a possibility and not a sure-shot part of betting. This is sports after all. Things do not always work out the way they should.

Lose, Lose, Repeat

So, you lost a big wager, then lost again, then lost again. You know you are on a losing streak, so what do some people do? They keep betting. They just figure their luck is about to change at any moment. You know it doesn’t change!

Just because you think things should be different does not mean that’s what is going to happen. It would be nice if it would, but the common mistake people make is that they continually chase after what they believe is going to be a big win. So, they go bigger and bigger and bigger, expecting that eventually they are going to get the big prize. What happens is they never get the big prize. Then they are left with a huge debt and big losses.

Let’s face it folks. These are mistakes that should not be mistakes. You are a lot smarter than that, so avoid these things at all costs.