How are the odds of Sic-Bo not 50% (50/50)?

I recently got into sic bo. If you are not familiar with it, here is a link.

I completely do not understand how betting on one die has odds for the house (statistically, I get that realistically, it should).

This is fun money i'm afraid!

This is fun money i’m afraid!

While doing the math, I get the odds of getting 1 die correct for example, to be 1/6. I get 3 die, thus wouldn’t the odds be 3/6 thus 50%? How is my math wrong?? This is really killing me for a few days now.

There are 216 different combinations of three dice. Each value appears in 91 of those combinations. The house edge is taken from the deflated payouts when two or more of your number show up.

Take a look at this:

Since the only decision a player makes is what bet to place, sic bo strategy tends to focus on the wagering options available to casino players.

Below is a guide to the house edge on specific bets as well as the payouts you stand to receive when playing online. Payouts do vary quite significantly in land-based casinos and, as a result, so does the house edge — Macau casinos generally have the worse house edge for sic bo players. Land-based casinos aside, these are the payouts and therefore the house edge that you’ll usually find online.

Sic Bo Statistics

(sorry for the poor image quality, it’s a screengrab from the excellent:

In summary:  Big small is the best bet. If you have the time you could track one of those sic bo electronic machines to see if there is any bias in the dice/rolls. You’d need a lot of samples though.

However, those playing for a thrill will enjoy betting on the specific triples (which can provide a massive payout of 180-to-1) or on the three-number totals of four and 17 (which both carry payouts of 60-to-1).

Goodluck playing Sic Bo.

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