How I Won $385 in 15 Minutes!

Gambling is one of those hobbies where you can earn some money on the side, however, going to a casino every night is hardly considered practical, considering the extra money having to be spent aside from what is required to place bets.

It’s the casinos themselves that have started to become unethically inaccessible, whereas in the past, anyone could enter and exit as a winner or loser, and not have to worry about other factors like being jumped or how expensive a cab is.

I wholly enjoyed my hobby, however, I was not unreasonable enough that I would turn a blind eye to the cons of hitting the casino every single night. Logic and practicality over bright and shiny things are what kept me afloat despite the economy’s continuous plummet. So I tried to find an alternative, and decided to try online slots games for real money.


The session revealed a couple of advantages of this platform to me, that going to casinos would never be able to offer, unless I had a private one set up at home.


For those who are the type to shy away from big crowds and loud noises but enjoy the thrill of the gamble, this is the perfect platform to get their game on. You do not have to leave the house and talk to the inevitable victims of rash decisions and cloudy judgement, who want nothing more to do with you other than rant about their losses.


You do not have to worry about gas and getting a bite to eat on the way home, as well as not having to set aside some cash for the entrance fee of a casino. You do not have to dress up all sharp, and you can even go on with your session in your pajamas.



Areas with big casinos and bars should never be considered safe places, regardless of all the bright lights and crowds of people. Those who have enough to be able to place bets will always remain targets, regardless of the results of the night’s game. Especially since most of these activities begin at night, you are better off not having to drive home by yourself.

These may not seem as significant at first, and perhaps you enjoy the loud cacophony of sounds in the casino. However, for those who get a thrill from the wins and losses rather than the environmental factors would do well to give this a shot, and discover a whole new, practical way of practicing your hobby.

You will not only save time by not having to drive to the closest gambling area, but you also save money from the entrance, the dinner, the expected alcoholic drinks and the gas for the car. These all add up eventually, and will be additional funds to increase your bets and add to your winnings- provided that Lady Luck is on your side.