What Makes People Choose Online Bingo?

There are more than 100 million players of bingo who are registered on online sites around the world. Yet, when you consider the staggering choices of games that we can now play online, it seems a little bit odd that so many people would choose to play what is essentially a very simple game.

But for many players, that simplicity is the biggest draw of the game. Not everyone wants to play a game that is mentally challenging, and if you do, you can always play something else for a while. Bingo is a game that demands little of its players. All they need to do is decide which game to play, whether to buy one or more tickets. Then they can sit back and see what happens with their chosen cards.

For many people, bingo isn’t just about the chance to win a big amount of cash – though that’s definitely a motivation. Most people are realistic about their chances of winning big – it’s similar to the lottery in that respect. You know you have a chance of winning, but there’s no way that you’d count on it happening. For many players the biggest appeal of the game is meeting and chatting with other players in the bingo chat rooms that each of the sites such as Costa, Tombola and Cheeky Bingo host.

When you play bingo online at Costa, for example, you’ll notice that there’s a big focus on the community side of the site. There’s a whole section devoted to it, in fact, where you can find out more about the chat moderators, the other players and read the Costa blog for latest site news. Like most bingo sites these days, Costa has a selection of free to enter games on its schedule, just one of the ways player loyalty is rewarded. Most of the free games are for small cash prizes, but some of them – like the Costa Crazy game on a Friday night – have much bigger prizes.


Bingo’s a game that you can play in five minutes, so it’s ideal for people who live busy lives and just want downtime for a few minutes before they get on with whatever they need to do in the day. And as it’s a game that doesn’t require much player participation and decision-making, bingo’s a good choice for winding down in the evenings after a stressful day. While there are plenty of other games that don’t need time or too much mental effort to be played, few of them can offer such tempting potential rewards as bingo does, especially when you consider how low the stakes are.

Anyone and everyone can play bingo and it’s the universal appeal of the game that has made it so consistently popular over the years. Now that we can all play online at any time of day or night, it’s little wonder that the bingo playing population has increased so much.