After a long day of work at the mill, I really look forward to coming home every evening and playing. There are so many different slot templates to choose from, but no matter what it is I just love pulling down on that lever and seeing whatever comes my way. Although I haven’t always won, my biggest losses being £300 and £400, I’ll never forgot the days that I won my biggest payouts at £1,300 and £1,400. All in all, I have to say that I’m up from the money I first threw in.

Winning is all that matters at the end of the day... WINNING!

Winning is all that matters at the end of the day… WINNING!


When I first started playing – I can’t say that there was really too much one way or another. I’d win some, lose some, and it all evened out. However, I remember one evening that I wasn’t feeling to great and I just couldn’t seem to get on a roll. I ended up losing £300 on the night, and I almost gave up playing all together.



However, after another tough day at work the next day, I decided I’d come and just play a few pulls, just to see what happened. And am I sure happy that I did. I couldn’t believe it, about an hour into playing, I pulled the lever and, boom, I hit a big one for £1,300. I made back what I had lost the night before, plus an additional £1,000. Add up all the other minor wins that I had, and I was finally up; and I couldn’t be more happy that I kept with playing.


My next big deficit didn’t come for about another week or so. I don’t know what I expected, since that was about the time that it took the first time around. This time I had been playing for about three hours one night, and I was about to turn off the internet. However there was something in me that said to just pull one more lever, so I did. Unfortunately, I wish I hadn’t. I ended up losing £400 in that single swoop, and it made me head to bed as angry as I could remember. However, I considered the fact that I was still up about £600 when I did the math, so I assumed I was still coming out on top.


I was only able to play for about an hour the next night, so I was ready to come home on the weekend and settle in for a few hours on a Sunday evening while I watched the football match. It was just prior to halftime when I then hit a massive £1,400 payout. I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I do the math and combine my biggest wins and losses on, I’m now about £2,000 up during the time that I’ve been playing on the site.


The lesson that I’ve learned on is to never give up! Had I given up, I never would’ve been able to experience the rush of my biggest wins and losses on slot machines online. Instead, I kept going and keep pushing through until I was able to finally have the odds on my favor. I’m so happy about the money I’ve earned and how well this website has played out for me. I can’t imagine going anywhere but for quite some time.