Playing Casino Games at Online Sportsbooks

These days almost every single online sportsbook will also have a casino section for players looking to try their luck at the tables.  Sometimes when you’re waiting for the next big game to come on the television it’s fun to throw down a few bucks on at the roulette or craps tables.  Let’s face it, the majority of people who bet on sports enjoy gambling, which means that betting on casino games goes hand in hand for many sports gamblers.


The Similarities

There are several similarities between betting on sports and playing some casino games.

First of all, you’re betting money with the chance at increasing your investment.  There’s a risk of losing money and the chance to win, both of which provide the same kind of excitement that betting on sports provides.

Another similarity is that you don’t have control over the outcome when betting on sports or casino games.  Unlike poker, where you do have some control over what happens when you’re gambling and your chances throughout the game, after you put your money down on sports betting on casino games, the outcome is then out of your hands.

The House always wins...unless you're Brad Pitt.

The House always wins…unless you’re Brad Pitt.

The Differences

The main difference between sports betting and wagering on the casino games is the odds.  With sports betting you have more control over making a good bet because you can decide whether the odds associated with each bet make it a smart play or not.

With casino games betting the odds are exactly what they are.  The house will have the advantage in every case, so you really are just playing against lady luck.

This also means that there is no way to gain the upper hand in casino betting in order to win over the long run.  In sports betting you can make smart choices related to the odds provided by the sportsbook because the odds are based on opinion and perception, not math like casino games.

I think this is a huge difference because it means that players who bet on sports, can beat the game and make a profit, while people who bet on casino games should realize that they’re just playing for a bit of fun and the chance of winning a bit of money, but they can’t expect to win over the long run.

Casino Games at Sportsbooks

Even though sports bettors know that they can’t beat the casino over the long run, once they’re logged in and they see the casino section of a sportsbook, like, it’s still tempting to head over and put a few bucks down on a spin of the wheel or a hand of blackjack.

This is exactly what the sportsbook wants, and it’s why almost every sportsbook online will now provide a casino with several options because they know that the odds are always in their favour and no skilled bettor can beat them at the casino games if they are able to get enough hands played at their site.

I personally try not to wander into the casino section of the sportsbooks I frequent, but it does happen from time to time and it’s a fast way for me to lose some of my bankroll for just a few minutes of entertainment.