My Poor experience with Bovada (Stay Away From them!)

Whatever you do, stay away from this gambling site. I was a loyal player for over 6 months and had a blast winning but mostly ending up losing. I had deposited $800+ into my account.

One day I had a really good run and ran it up to a couple hundred dollars, just to lose it all down to $0.50. Frustrated, I deleted the Bovada app on my phone and called it a night.

Next morning I get a alert from my bank saying that there was a $317 transaction from my account the night before. I’ve never made a deposit more than $80 in the past 6 months. I look at my betting history to see that right after I deleted my app, the deposit was made, $200 of casino chips were purchased, then $75 and $25, just to conveniently put me back to $0.50.

I have no idea why they would do such a thing to such a loyal customer that was consisting losing and making them money. What a bunch of idiots!

If you have a Bovada account and have deposited with a credit or debit card, CANCEL YOUR CARD ASAP. Get a new one, it may save you a couple hundreds dollars. I know I’m a complete idiot and degenerate playing online but I just don’t want people to make the same mistake that I did!

EDIT:  Had a few emails since posting this, and it seems everyone is very much on Bov’s side, for openess I’ll publish the first 5 I received:

The comments blame a combination of Chang beer and my idocy...

The comments blame a combination of Chang beer and my idocy…

I’ve had an account with them for years and have never had such a problem. Maybe your account was hacked?

I’m leaning that way, and they seem really good in the support so far.

I used them for the super bowl and I had no problem with them, I also used a prepaid visa which you should of used.

Agreed, I am regretting the choice of card, and I’m thinking of writing a post about prepaid visa cards to recommend to people – I need to take my own advice on this one!

Another long-time user here and I’d have to say that you got hacked or you got drunk. Bovada doesn’t F*** people over like that.

Drunk no – I think it must have been a hacking – else there would be at least one other person talking along the same lines I think.

I’ve had no such problems with Bovada ever. I’ve been playing on it for a few years and have deposited a couple grand maybe. I’ve even withdrawn money with no hiccups. Maybe you went full degen and bought chips without really noticing?