The Revamped Face of Bingo

I don’t think it’s massively unfair to suggest bingo has, over the years, typically been associated with little old ladies in bingo halls. And if you’re a middle-aged man like me, this isn’t exactly appealing.

But I also don’t think it’s wrong to suggest that the face of bingo has, in recent years, changed, and that the game has been revolutionized, been catapulted into the twenty-first century.

Bingo now appeals to a younger demographic (and don’t worry – I don’t count myself in that!). Adverts are targeting a younger crowd – particularly young women looking for a fun night out, a few drinks and the chance to win enough money to keep the drink flowing through until the early hours!

bingo women

Another reason this traditional game has grown in popularity, and continues to do so, is the ease in which people can now access bingo games online. At a few clicks of a button you can be having fun AND be setting yourself up with a chance to win money. OK, so the social element of going to a bingo hall isn’t there when you play online, but it’s definitely a fun way to while away a spare 20 minutes here and there! (I find myself logging on when I’m ready to go out and the wife’s told me she needs “another 5 minutes” which, of course, means at least another half hour.)

I’ve tried a few different sites and I do have my favourites. Quite often I log on and play bingo at Landmark Bingo, as the site’s pretty easy to navigate around and, perhaps more importantly, they always seem to have one promotional offer or another on so you have every chance to maximise your money!

landmark bingo

I’ve introduced the wife to online bingo and she’s a fan as well. I can’t say for certain whether we’ve won more than we’ve spent, but it is loads of fun, and we never go overboard with what we spend on it. And, in all honesty, I love my wife but I’d probably pay a damn sight more for the break from her chitter chatter that her playing bingo online provides!