Slots Free with Bonus

Online casinos filled the need of casino players for a more convenient and less expensive means of playing casino games. The popularity of online casinos led both established and start-up online games software providers to design and develop online slots at high-speed rate. It is important to note though that not all available online slots are engaging and rewarding so it is best to consider the software developer and read reviews of online slots.

Slot Types

Innovations in technology has made it possible to create life-like animations and graphics for online slots. Slots fall into various types in terms of number reels and paylines, multipliers, bonus features, and jackpots. A slot machine may be classic, or a video slot, fruit machine, 3-D or even pokies. Majority of online slots are well designed and offer not only entertainment but also life-changing jackpots.

Playing Slots Online

Most online casinos allow players to play for free, or to play slots free with bonus or without making a deposit. Other casinos provide newly registered players with deposit bonuses to multiply their cash deposit. It is best to know the rules, minimum/maximum bets, wilds, scatters, bonus features, free spins and jackpots, before playing for money. A player should understand the winning combinations, bonus rounds and multipliers. Betting on the maximum allowable amount is the way to hit the jackpot or win the maximum payout as online slots pay the top pot prize if the winning player bets the maximum.

Slots Terms

There are various terms relating to slots. Free spins basically mean reel spins by a player that are free of charge. These free spins are triggered when a free spins, or scatter symbol is hit on the reels.

A featured bonus game is an additional game within the slot game where a player gets the opportunity to earn more coins. In most cases, a bonus game is similar to the main slot game, but there are also instances where the bonus game is a complete departure from the standard reel spinning.

Wild symbols take the place of any symbol that a player is missing in any combination to win the pot prize. Scatter symbols may appear anywhere on the reels. It is one of the top paying symbols in slot games. A scatter usually offers players featured bonuses and free spins.

Re-spins are linked with free spins. Getting re-spins means a player gets extra rounds in spinning for a prize without added cost. Multipliers “multiply” the winnings of players, from 2 and even up to 1,000 times. For example, a $50 winning may turn out to be $100 (2x) up to $5,000 (1,000x).

The Jackpot prize may be progressive or non-progressive. A non-progressive jackpot entails only one slot machine with a fixed pot amount. A progressive jackpot entails various slot machines with a gradually increasing pot until one lucky player hits it. When won, all jackpot prizes revert to its starting amount.


Each free slot has a corresponding featured bonus game, with a particular way to unlock it. Bonus games are mostly triggered by bonus symbols, wilds or scatters. There is no way to cheat slots thanks to RNG (Random Numbers Generator), but there are certainly ways to increase the odds of winning.