A Structured Approach to Using Your Gambling Kitty

Every responsible gambler has a gambling kitty — a stash of cash which they essentially set aside for their gaming exploits and that stash could be funded in any number of different ways really. You perhaps set aside a fixed amount of money from your weekly or monthly earnings or maybe your particular gambling kitty is only filled up by that money which you periodically get without much regularity or planning.

imageYou perhaps came good on a financial claim you had lodged and now you have a good amount of money with which to fund your gambling kitty. Either way, regular gamblers for whom taking a chance at the slots machines or casino tables need to have a structured approach to using their kitties. It is after all about odds and permutations, but if you have been placing bets and running spins for quite a bit of time, you’ll be fully aware of the fact that there are some things you can do to perhaps swing the odds in your favour. Yes, there’ll always be a need for that element of luck in order for you to amass any considerable winnings, but in the same way that casinos (both online and physical) are fully in-tune with and perhaps even manipulate the odds, as a gamer you can also do the same.

I talk about casinos “manipulating” the odds, but this perhaps sounds much worse than it is in reality. The odds are indeed manipulated, but not in a sinister fashion. The odds are merely set to favour the house, hence the saying “the house always wins,” but these odds are predetermined with the creation and circulation of the games on the floor and not “manipulated” as the gambling is going on. So you know what odds you’re faced with before you perhaps play a game of roulette or blackjack, or before you hit the “spin” button on a slots machine.

These odds collectively favour the house, but just like is the case with the “real” mainstream economy, a few people on the side of the gamers stand to win and win big, while the majority of the gamers generally tend to lose more money than they’ll ever win.

So, in order to increase your odds of winning more regularly, you have to master the art of allocating your gambling kitty. In other words, you have to know exactly where to strategically take chances with your money, such as perhaps allocating just a bit to pure gambling on the slots machines, while some of it is allocated to those games which require a bit more skill, like some variations of poker (e.g. Texas Hold ‘Em).

Pure chance-taking games should not be discarded altogether because that is where you stand to win really big if you’re to win at all. Money you really are willing to lose must be allocated to these types of games, while studying the odds can have you in for some consistently growing winnings at the roulette tables and other games which rely heavily on odds but pay out winnings which are far less than those paid out by those pure chance games.