The Revamp of Bingo

Bingo is a pastime. At some point, bingo was THE pastime. We all need our pastimes in order to be happy, stay young and remain pleasant throughout the day. However, playing bingo in the past was just such a hassle, and would sometimes just not be worth the effort, no matter how much you were itching to play that day. The internet has brought bingo to our computers, making it a lot more fun and accessible- it’s still the game we love, just a dozen times more convenient.

For a clearer picture:


Venue: Bingo Halls

Not that they were rare or hard to find, but it was quite a hassle to actively look for and go to a bingo hall. It gets worse if the bingo hall is in a mall, since the mall is generally noisy and rowdy, and people passing by the hall might ruin your bingo mojo if they get too rambunctious.


Schedule: Bingo Time

Seeing as a game of bingo requires many people in order for it to have a point, you and other competitors have to gather at a certain time to play. You will have to set aside some time for this, unless you were to join, say, sing bingo and play online while still in bed.


I’m not quite sure how rowdy a bingo competition can be, though there might be some sweet old ladies who are absolutely passionate about getting that win. It may be a little stressful if you ever encounter some people who take the game just too seriously and can’t handle a loss with finesse.



Venue: Your Favorite Couch

These days, in order to play bingo, all you have to do is have a computer, an online connection and some time. Just fire up an online bingo gaming website, like moonbingo, have a glass of water ready and you can jump into the game immediately.

Schedule: Whenever

There are no itineraries to be mindful of, no having to drive all the way to a bingo competition and no juggling your time, trying to find a empty space on your busy schedule. Simply find a good sitting (nesting) spot, and log onto moonbingo and begin the match.


Once you sit down and join sing bingo, you will be able to start and finish the game all while being as stress free as possible. After all, you are comfortable, at home and do not have to deal with strangers in the same room.