Tony’s Betting Diary – April 2014

If May was a story of early losses followed by recovery, then June could not have been more different. No sooner had the ink dried on my May entry than I hit my highest ever multiple of a slot win at x730 grinding out a reload, followed by a meaty win on a £15 casino cashback spin. It was a shame the two wins weren’t swapped round which would have given me a £10k+ win, but I have always taken the view of being happy with what I have got rather than worrying about what I haven’t!


The rest of the month was a struggle. I made a few pounds on the world cup but lost out on every casino reload, so for the next three weeks I made an overall loss, which is often the way with the approach I take. I am very reliant on big wins to even out the variance and I am pleased to report that redemption came through the final offer I did this month – a Ladbrokes reload – where I trousered over £4k, helped by a retrigger of a bonus.

For the world cup I have taken a relaxed view to chasing offers to concentrate on watching the football, hitting some reloads but pretty much leaving most of the ifbets alone. I have mugged a few of them for interest, but have come up short not helped by ill-guided loyalty to England. I knew we were a pretty poor team, but until you physically sit and watch you don’t realise quite how poor! It saves me having to write off my £1 bet at 1966-1 with 666bet…not that it was ever likely to get paid by an administrator!

So, results for the month are as follows:

188bet (£50)
Coral reloads (£104)
Ladbrokes reload +£4,253 (!)
Ladbrokes loyalty +£20
Paddies reloads (£612) – couldn’t catch a cold at this site.
Hills reloads (£100)
Hills bingo slots (£13)
32red reloads +£2,603
BF reloads (£365)
BF Davinci promo +£80
BF Samba promo (£20)
BF Loyalty +£69
BF bingo slots +£76
Gala free cash +£20
Tropezia reload (£150)
Genting reload (£100)
Europa reload (£100)
Grosvenor +£15
Casino cashback promos +£1,057 (virtually all from the one spin).

Coral if bets (£11)
Lads if bets +£61
Paddies if bets +£22
BF if bets (£75) – 3 England mugs (and one mug putting the bets on)
Netbet reload +£268
666bet +£2 (misread T&Cs)
BetMclean +£29
Other +£108

Total for the month +£6,983

So, on the face of it a very good month, but a slightly lop-sided one. Two casino reloads at either end of the month made me £7k and the rest of the month was break even. Not that I mind….same again next month, please, as it certainly beats the £341 I made in May.

The target for July is simple – one large casino win. If I can get this plus some bits and bobs on the rest of the world cup it should be another decent month.

Good luck to all and take care.