Weird and wonderful slot machines around the world

There really are some weird and wonderful slot machines out there. There are big payers, there are small payers and there are all sorts of different characters who have found their way onto those spinning wheels. But some of the ideas that people have come up with really do have to be seen to be believed. Here are a few. Feel free to say if there are any others that you think should be added to the list.

Number one on the list – even though it’s not exactly a slot machine as such – is what is pretty much the Japanese equivalent. Instead of spinning wheels they have machines that drop ball bearings into different channels. It is a weird combination of pinball and watching paint dry. It has never really caught on anywhere outside Japan, but in Japan it is simply massive. And it is, in case you have not guessed, completely bonkers. It’s called pachinko.


by  psd 

Get Lucky have just launched in the UK and they’ve brought some games with seriously spectacular winning potential along with them. Mega Moolah, for example, does exactly what it says on the tin. The jackpot is standing at something north of £5 million currently. It’s not weird or whacky, it’s just a crazy amount of money to put up on a slot machine game.

There’s a 300ft replica ‘SlotZilla’ slot machine located – you’ll never guess – in Las Vegas. It may not actually be a slot machine as such, but when someone’s gone to all that trouble it would be rude not to mention it – a bit like going to Machu Picchu and only talking about the Llamas.


by  Ken Lund 

In 1995, which is nearly as far back as the pyramids in some people’s eyes, Microsoft for some reason produced a nine-foot machine as part of some corporate launch. Frankly, it was just odd.

The idea that big is best is hardly restricted to Microsoft. As this list shows, there are plenty of big ones out there. Call it fussy, but is big necessarily best – or even most interesting? In some people’s book, big is what you do when you haven’t got anything else to offer.

So, to select some that have caught the eye recently (hence this post) how about ‘Planet Exotica’? This is perhaps the clincher. There is nothing on earth quite as odd as this. It would be great to meet the man, woman or brain in a jar who came up with this. The basic idea is that the reels are adorned with all sorts of sexed up, pouting aliens whose clothes are dripping off or clinging to them in what are sometimes quite alarming ways.

For some reason it’s quite famous. It is, as they say, a funny old world.


by  geezaweezer