What does 2019 have in store for social poker games?

If you love gambling on social poker sites, expect quite a bit of innovation in 2019. Online poker, sportsbooks, and gambling websites are continuing to battle for customers with various incentives and perks. Due to the battle for customers, leading online poker games developers such as Yggdrasil, NetEnt, and Realistic Games are all pushing forward to create the best games possible. The best news about the poker players is the new online poker games that will be available during the year. Not only will there be new poker games, but there will be plenty of new trends in store for online gamblers

So, what trends will online poker players see in 2019?

Injection of pop culture

Video games such as Grand Theft Auto and others have become incredibly popular due to adding pop culture to their gameplay. Online slot games will do the same in 2019 as a way to draw players into the games even more. Developers have long used movies and other cartoonish ideas when making their online casino games. However, more companies are using ideas from “outside the box”. Developers are now using ideas from all areas of pop culture. Video games, sports, politics, TV, films, and even history are being used to make online slots games more fun. By adding pop culture references and ideas, developers hope to attract Millennials.

Bitcoin’s increased popularity

Many newer online casinos and sportsbooks are taking cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. It looks likely that more online casinos and slots games will introduce bitcoin as a way to pay. Bitcoin suffered its worst year in 2018 with it down 70 percent. Experts believe it will recover and soar to new heights. However, more cryptocurrencies are hitting the market, meaning more people will want to pay for their gaming experiences using digital currency. Bitcoin is transferred through blockchain technology which is more difficult for hackers to steal a gambler’s identity. Due to the security measures offered by blockchain, more online casinos will accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Smartphone Optimised

It is now a necessity for online casinos and sportsbooks to be smartphone optimised. Players want to play whenever and wherever they are and having a smartphone optimised website makes it possible. According to research over half the people who use online casinos do it from a smartphone. Online gambling is evolving and companies are adapting to its players. While it seems some online casinos have been slow to adapt to this point, more will add an app or mobile website for users to play.

Dedicated slots

One of the trends players will see in 2019 is the chance to play a slot dedicated to their interests. Fans of sports teams from the English Premier League, NBA, NFL, or another sports franchise will be able to select slots dedicated to their favourite teams. If you want to play a slot dedicated to Manchester United, then you will be able to do it. Developers know how loyal a sports fan is and wants to use that loyalty as a way to attract players.