Why BitCoin is great for gamblers

We live in a digital age, where many goods and services are simply long strings of computer coding rather than something tangible we can hold and interact with. And adapting to that evolution is why BitCoin has taken off as the leading cryptocurrency.

BitCoin isn’t tied down by any particular economy nor is it regulated or taxed. That makes it perfect for online gamblers looking for the easiest way to get action down. Here are three reasons why online bettors prefer to use BTC when bitcoin gambling:


Funding your bankroll with BitCoin avoids a lot of the red tape and bureaucracy that can come when using credit cards, money transfers and orders and other digital money management tools. Most online gambling markets require some time to receive and process payments, which means you don’t get to bet with your money when you want to. With BitCoin, the transactions are nearly instantaneous. There is nothing stopping you from depositing and, when you score a big payday, automatically withdrawing your winnings. There’s no waiting for checks or cash cards in the mail or organizing a money order transfer.


Worried about your personal, credit card or banking information getting out there? BitCoin is an anonymous currency that doesn’t need any other information from online betting providers outside of your account number. And that also works well for protecting your money from other sources. There is no paper trail to follow when it comes to betting with BitCoin.

blackjack in a casino, a man makes a bet, and puts a chip

Value and stability

Depending on where you’re from, your dollar could be on a yo-yo each week with the economy dictating just how much money you really have in your bankroll. With BitCoin the market is steady and stable and holds its value. On top of that, using BitCoin to fund your online betting accounts avoid those sticky bank fees and limitations and come with minor if not zero transaction costs. And there is no conversion issues when it comes to using your BitCoin for things other than betting or turning your BitCoin into cash.