As I mentioned on the about me page, I’m not a full time gambler by any means.  In fact due to my poor skills at picking winners I’m actually rather more part time that I’d like to admit!

For some strange reason however, I do have a lot of people who read the blog and I’ve had so many great offers from people that have arisen directly from writing here – from comps from casinos and free bets for trying out new sportsbooks.  (Don’t worry I’m always 100% impartial though!)

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If you think you personally, or your company can add something that fits the style and tone of the blog (yes mostly sarcastic) – then for goodness sakes please get in touch!  I’m primarily looking for:

In terms of what you’ll receive from writing on the blog – well I get around 100 hits a day, so that’s 3,000 loving gamblers coming back every month – and it’s on an upward scale too.  So..

If you are interested in submitting a guest post and writing for us, please get in touch using the contact form below: