Your Comprehensive Introduction to Progressive Online Slots – Playing for the Jackpot

The world of online slots is one which is made up of an endless plethora of multi-faceted and creative online slots games. Despite the massive amount of games and their unfathomable level of designs and mechanics, there are only two major subcategories: progressive and non-progressive.

For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on progressive slots, what they are, where you can find them, and how to get good at them. These online slots game variations will generally come with a hefty jackpot attached, and can make your dreams of winning an incredible amount of money come true.

The Differences Between Progressive and Non-Progressive Slots 

For the sake of clarity, we need to look at the differences between progressive and non-progressive slot games. The main difference between the two versions is that non-progressive slots games have a fixed jackpot, while progressive ones have a type of progressive jackpot which continues to accumulate in worth over time.

In terms of how this setup affects the gameplay of an online slots title, you can expect a progressive game to be harder to win at compared to a non-progressive game which will have far less of a risk-protected massive sum of money to potentially pay out.

Progressive games will generally be far less numerous in online slots casinos, largely due to the jackpots attached to them, which generally range between ten thousand dollars to well over one million dollars.

The Three Variations of Progressive Slots Games 

The subcategory of progressive online slots games is then further broken down into three separate models.

Standalone Progressives 

This kind of progressive slot game will feature a jackpot ticker which accumulates in size only when players place bets on the actual game. This was the initial type of progressive jackpot, the first one ever introduced to the market.

In today’s world of online progressive slot games, you will generally find that progressive titles will work on various avenues of jackpot size accumulation, making this first model less popular. Still, it does work for various instances where distributors want to keep rigid pathways for player investments.

Regardless, you will generally find Standalone Progressive titles which have been left in the online casino world due to their success and popularity. You can expect to win a jackpot of around ten thousand dollars with most Standalone Progressive slots games, the lowest figure in progressive games in general.

Local Progressive 

This model was the next step following the perceived shortcomings of the Standalone origins. You can still find Local Progressive online slots games in most online casinos, and they remain a successful program for both players and online casino owners alike.

With this model, you will have progressive jackpots which are fed across various interlinked online casinos, where the wagers of players are channeled through across various online gambling websites.

When you play a Local Progressive online slots game, remember that your actions will not only be impacting the activities on the website which you are currently on, but flow through various avenues of the internet.

It is the managers of these online casino collectives which decide how widespread the Local setup is, and how many platforms will be linked. Or rather, they are limited by how many platforms they actually have hosted across their online casinos, which can range from a few to a few dozen.

You can expect the jackpots for such games to range between a few hundred thousand dollars to closer to a million dollars, but they generally do not push pas the one million dollar benchmark.

Wide Area Network Progressive 

This is the currently most popular form of online casino progressive slots setup. A Wide Area Network refers to a cross-network support from online casinos on a widely spread digital landscape.

Here, multiple online casinos will be connecting in feeding each other’s jackpots, and you can expect massive sums of money to be up for grabs with these kinds of games, ranging from one million dollars to well over ten million dollars in rarer cases.

As you can expect, most people will try their luck at such crazy figures, and the Wide Area Network model has certainly proven to be the most successful.